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Master Made Studios Limited is a fully equipped state-of-the-art production house that deals with all aspects of multimedia to help enhance 21st Century communication. We are a production house for the talented, gifted, and those looking to create.

Our philosophy is to offer our clients the best possible choice of techniques for stage or studio sound. Whether making existing techniques easier or inventing new ones, the prime objective is to make the technology as transparent as possible, ideally imperceptible.

Blending art and technology can be spectacularly creative or cripplingly frustrating. We certainly don’t have all the answers, nor a monopoly on good ideas but at Master Made Studios we strive to give our clients better options and hopefully, help them to work better together whether they make the perfect couple or are merely thrown together by circumstances.

Master Made Studios is dogmatic only about the pursuit of excellence (the absence of compromise). Our products are leading edge but are not exclusively either high tech or traditional, we select the best materials and methods for the requirement, blending old and new as necessary to achieve the optimum technical solutions.

However diverse the solutions may be, they are all the product of imagination, combined with intensive design, development, and/or rigorous evaluation. All Master Made Studios products also share three key principles:

  1. Functionality-they do the best job possible in the best possible way.
  2. Reliability-they keep on doing it for a very long time.
  3. Style - they look great and are a pleasure to use.


Song one

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Mood Forever

Andrew Wambua


Jemedari Chemutai

Shairi La Upendo



Kasiva Mutua

No time to waste

Ryno 14K

Rhumba Ya SSaru


Journey of the Soul

Jack Muguna

Vibe Tribe

Makinlay,Mike Muema

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Our ears, gear, and professionally designed studios help to give your project a premium sound. Whether it’s to create a radio ad, jingle, an immersive audio experience, or the next pop chart-topper.
Services include: Audio Archiving & Restoration, Audio Engineering, Audio Mastering, Audio Post-production, Location Sound Engineering ,Music Composition & Scoring (Film, Radio, TV) Media Consultancy Sound Design Video Production & Post-production Voiceovers & Dubbing

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Agency Support/Advisory

We host a specialist A/V department that maintains industry standards for our lighting, sound, technical support, and visual support services. We also have an Inhouse editing suite that designs, produces, scripts, and shoots advertisements, documentaries, films, ads, music videos, news releases, promotional content, and video highlight reels.
Our partnership with key industry players places us in the lead and enables us to provide you with a total A/V solution at competitive rates, be it conferencing or event staging. We task ourselves to deliver, set up, and guarantee faultless operation at any event.
Our team is also equipped to create custom backdrops and stage sets as well as on-screen presentations.

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Music publishing is the monetization of musical compositions. It involves the promotion of songs and the global collection of mechanical royalties, performance royalties, and sync fees that are due to composition rights holders.
We position ourselves as a boutique agency/agent, offering this support to thousands of musicians and artists across the country that will see artists from across the country reach millions of audiences across the globe.

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Information, Communication, Education

IEC are proven and powerful tools for bringing social change and development. Our position in society and the creative market that deals with a majority of young people requires us to engage a strategy to spread awareness through communication channels to a target audience to achieve a collective desired positive result.
It is our desire to instill positive knowledge to create awareness for a positive change to our society that will promote development. This can be through printed or broadcast media such as posters, flyers, leaflets, brochures, booklets, radio broadcasts, or TV spots.

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Clients & Partners

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Meet The Team

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Mbarathi Karuga

Managing Director

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Rahab Gathoni


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Mike Muema


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Andrew Wambua

The Voice School

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Josephine Wanja


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Mbaruk Thomas


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